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MCA FP7 certificates
FP7 MCA certificates
02 October

Fellows who have completed a research period within one of the FP7 Marie Curie actions may now request a Marie Curie Award Certificate.


During the Seventh Framework programme (FP7), the Marie Curie actions funded around 50 000 fellows of 140 different nationalities involving more than 19 700 host organisations. The fellows can now request a Marie Curie award certificate covering the time of their fellowship.

‘The idea of providing a fellowship certificate is an old one, and I am extremely happy that this has been now implemented’ said Alessandra Luchetti, Head of the Excellent Science department in the Research Executive Agency (REA). ‘I hope the Marie Curie fellows will be glad of the opportunity to add to their Curriculum Vitae the Marie Curie certificate as part of their research careers’, she added.

FP7 MCA certificates

The certificate has to be requested by the project contact person at the coordinating institution mentioned in the Grant Agreement, by completing an online form which can be obtained via the REA website. The information will be checked automatically against the information in the REA database and the certificate will be sent by e-mail to the project contact person.

Please note that, at the moment, Award Certificates can only be issued for FP7 projects. For H2020 projects, a separate application will be made available in due time.