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First "Teaming" grants to boost research excellence across Europe
Teaming grants to close R and I gap in the EU
30 January

The EU just announced 31 new grants that will help bridge the research excellence gap between Member States and strengthen competitiveness and growth across Europe. Funded by Horizon 2020, these ‘Teaming’ projects will prepare operational plans for new Centres of Excellence by teaming up high-calibre institutions from all over Europe.


Teaming grants to close R and I gap in the EU

The new Teaming instrument, under which these grants are awarded, is intended to help improve research performance and increase investment in countries with lower research excellence rankings.

European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation Carlos Moedas said: "Put simply, we want Horizon 2020 funds to benefit as wide a range of European universities and research institutes as possible. Teaming now helps to achieve this by creating partnerships between those at the top and those with the most potential. Horizon 2020 rewards excellence and, most importantly, the pursuit of excellence.'

The first Teaming projects selected for funding will be led by research institutions, agencies, national or regional authorities based in these countries. The 31 projects (out of 169 submitted) will receive up to €500,000 each in phase 1 of this action. The funding will be used to develop operational plans for new Centres of Excellence or to upgrade existing ones. Funded projects include partnerships with internationally leading institutions from all over Europe.

The action is composed of two phases. In Phase 1 the Teaming partners receive funding for developing a ‘business plan’ for the future centre. A total of €14.5 million has been requested for this phase. In Phase 2, up to ten of these 31 projects could then be selected for further financial support to implement the centre, following a competitive review process. Around €87 million is currently foreseen for Phase 2.

Teaming is an important part of the EU's effort to unlock Europe's potential in research and innovation. Eligible Member States under Teaming include all those that joined the EU after 2004, plus Portugal and Luxembourg, as well as eight non-EU countries associated with Horizon 2020. Teaming will help them to start new collaborations, build new scientific networks and seize new market opportunities.

Under Horizon 2020, the EU's research funding programme, a strong package of measures with up to €800 million in funding, will be available for measures to widen participation of low-research performing Member States. Such actions include Teaming, Twinning (institutional networking that includes support on staff exchanges, expert advice and assistance), and the new ERA Chairs instrument which are currently being managed by the Research Executive Agency (REA).

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