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50th EU Industrial Doctorate grant goes to research on cancer
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20 August

Today the Commission awarded the 50th European Industrial Doctorate (EID) grant to the VAMPIRE project, which will look into new antibodies to combat blood cancer. The €1.5 million funding was granted to the researchers and business partners for four years.

The EID scheme is a part of the Marie Curie Actions (MCA) managed by the Research Executive Agency (REA). It targets projects which bring together business and academic associates from at least two European countries, to encourage cross-sector exchange and to provide young scientists with excellent professional experience, while tacking societal challenges.

The VAMPIRE project is led by the University of Birmingham (UK) and a biotech company SomantiX (the Netherlands). The researchers will work both in university laboratories and business premises under the mentorship of supervisors both from the private sector and academia to investigate new antibodies which can prevent the supply of blood to tumours thereby eradicating them.

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