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In search of greener concrete
Picture of cement mixer
8 July

An EU-funded project, EnCoRe, is developing a method to produce more environmentally-friendly concrete by enriching it with recycled industrial fibres instead of new materials. The researchers' efforts to find a recipe for eco-concrete were reported by Euronews.

The project, supported by almost € 1 million in EU funds for research, will run until the end of 2014. Its goal is to develop more sustainable concrete while preserving its quality and resilience.

The researchers involved in EnCoRe are adding to a traditional concrete formula, which consists of water, cement and aggregates, a new element - recycled industrial fibres. They are trying to understand how much of this reused material can be substituted for new aggregates. The green concrete then undergoes a series of tests, such as bending, compressing, and stretching, to see how it reacts to extreme conditions.

The EnCoRe consortium hopes that their research will soon prove that more sustainable concrete can be produced on an industrial scale.


Picture of cement mixer
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