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Converting seaweed into biofuel
Picture of algae
10 June

EU researchers funded by the Mabfuel project are farming seaweed to produce eco-friendly fuel which could potentially be substituted for diesel oil. Their experiment was recently featured by Euronews.

Algae is easy to farm, it does not require any fertilizers and grows very fast. It also has a positive impact on the environment, as it improves air quality by absorbing CO2. Some species of seaweed are rich in oil which can be converted into biofuel, however the oil-extraction methods currently available on the market are too expensive for mass production of algae biodiesel.

The Mabfuel project is studying algae as a potential biofuel crop. It is developing techniques for seaweed farming and harvest, and exploring possibilities to decrease the costs of the oil extraction by treating the algae powder with solvents to make the extraction process easier.

Cheaper eco-friendly oil made of algae could revolutionise the biofuel industry.

Picture of algae 
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