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Innovative mussel farming fights waste
Picture of a mussel
2 May

MusselsAlive, an EU-funded project managed by the REA, is testing innovative technologies that could cut waste in mussel production, improve the taste of mussels and preserve marine ecosystems. The project's achievements were featured on Euronews.

Mussel farming, one of Europe’s major shellfish industries, is currently wasting around 20-30% of its production. Eager to solve this issue, mussel producers and researchers from six European countries have teamed up to explore ways to minimise breakages and waste at every phase of production.

The MusselsAlive project is successfully testing new cooling and storing systems which could preserve mussels over a long period of time. An innovative water treatment system saves water used in the process and improves its quality. The following grading process gets adjusted to further the shelf-life of mussels, whereas a much gentler handling process improves their taste.

Scientists also believe that the production improvements could lead to more sustainable development of the marine ecosystems.

Picture of a mussel