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EU-funded project makes breakthrough in explosives detection
Picture of multicolour laser projection
25 April

The OPTIX consortium, supported by almost € 2.5 million in EU funds for research, has successfully developed and tested a portable laser technology for the stand-off detection of explosives at distances of less than 20 metres. The new technology, capable of scanning the molecular structure of potential explosive artefacts attached to vehicles, pieces of luggage, or containers, is being tested by the Spanish Police Corps.

Picture of multicolour laser projection

The new technology, still at an experimental stage, is able to detect less than 1 mg of explosives at a 20-metre distance. The project is led by the Spanish consultancy and technology multinational Indra and managed by the Research Executive Agency (REA). Lab experiments and real-scenario simulations are currently ongoing.

The new technology is expected to provide police and security forces with an invaluable asset in the fight against bomb attacks in the near future.

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