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Evidence of "oldest" cheese-making found
Picture of a piece of cheese
14 December

An EU-funded research network has found milk residues trapped in mud-made cheese-strainers dating from around 7 000 year ago. The pottery, hidden in archaeological sites in Poland, hosts the earliest prehistoric evidence for cheese-making, say the scientists, who have conducted compelling chemical analysis.

The study, carried out in the framework of LeCHe, a project supported by the Marie Curie Actions research fund, offers new insights into ancient human diet and food processing technologies associated to low-lactose content milk products. Scientists believe that most humans were not tolerant to 'lactose' (a type of sugar found in milk) at that time.

Nature has just published an article on these findings. The story has been also featured by ScienceDaily and the BBC. A long list of publications including more than 80 titles (e.g. The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Telegraph, The Independent, The Daily Mail, La Croix, Der Spiegel, RTL, Der Standard, El Mundo) has followed.