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Unveiling the role language and perception play in dementia and autism
Picture of close-up eye
14 November

A European network for excellence in language and perception research is about to be launched with the ultimate goal of the generation of new clinical and therapeutic strategies against dementia, deafness, reading disabilities and other cognitive disorders. The network, backed by more than €4 million in EU funds for research, is to identify key behavioural and brain mechanisms explaining how actions in everyday situations shape language understanding and how language conditions the way the visual environment is perceived.

The network, named LanPercept, will train 11 PhD researchers and 4 postdoctoral researchers across 8 leading academic and 7 industrial and private sector partners in Europe. The project will support basic and clinical research and bring together professionals from psychology, neuroscience and linguistics.

The four-year collaboration, a Marie Curie Initial Training Network managed by the REA, is expected to start in January 2013.