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Algae-based biofuel to hit market in 15 years
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13 September

An EU-funded research team has identified two algae species with high oil content and fast growth rate which are expected to become ‘suitable’ for the production of commercial biofuel within 15 years. The algae’s growth rate is much faster than that any terrestrial crop and comes with the potential to generate sustainable biofuel solutions, affirm the researchers.

The MABFUEL research group, led by Daithi O'Mhurchu Marine Research Station (DOMRS) in Bantry, Ireland, is supported by €1.43 million in EU funds from a Marie Curie Actions scheme that enhances research cooperation between industry and academia through staff exchange. The MALFUEL research group is a multidisciplinary team that brings together a very diverse academic and industrial expertise in such fields as aquaculture research, commercial bio-fuel production, oil analysis and physical chemistry. 21 researchers from the UK, Ireland, Portugal, Turkey and India have been involved in the project so far.

MABFUEL’s ultimate goal is to reduce the greenhouse gas emission and to create a renewable energy source which can be produced in Europe. The project was featured by Irish Independent last week.

The Marie Curie Actions are an EU funding scheme managed by the Research Executive Agency since 2009.