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T-ray scanners to challenge X-ray market in 4 years
2 April

A group of researchers supported by an EU grant for industry-academy partnerships is working on the development of "T-rays scanners" as a safer alternative to the existing X-ray-based technologies that are used, for instance, at regular airport security controls. 

T-rays ("terahertz radiation") can penetrate many materials, including fabrics and plastics, but have not been associated with health risks. These qualities make T-rays potentially much more interesting and safer than X-rays ("X radiation").  

The team leader, Professor Edik Rafailov, head of the Photonics and Nanoscience Group at the University of Dundee, in the United Kingdom, believes that the development of prototype of a low-cost, low-radiation alternative scanners is feasible within the timeframe of this 4-year project.   

The established research network, named "TERA", is financially supported by  € 1.1 million from the Marie Curie Actions, a EU research fund managed by the REA.