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Largest 'IEF, IOF and IIF' call for EU-funded Marie Curie fellowships opens
Picture of Researcher handling test tubes
14 March

Researchers and research institutions interested in applying for the latest FP7 Marie Curie Intra-European, Outgoing and Incoming Fellowships for Career Development (IEFs, IOFs and IIFs), a specific package of EU grants amounting to €223 million, can already start submitting their applications via the Participants Portal.

Picture of Researcher handling test tubes

Applications are to be made jointly by a researcher and the foreseen 'host organisation', as well as, where applicable, a 'return host institution'.

The IEFs, intended to encourage exchanges among European research centres, count on a total indicative budget of €134 million – individual grants can be awarded for a maximum of two years. The IIFs and the IOFs, a tool for synergy maximisation overseas among world-class researchers, both supported by €44.5 million, cover costs – such as researcher's salary, activities, publications, patents, consumables, travel costs, etc. – for a maximum of three years in either Europe or abroad.

They are all particular schemes within the Marie Curie Actions, an EU research fund managed by the REA since June 2009.

Further information will be soon available at the REA's dedicated web page.