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Penultimate deadline to apply for €100,000 'CIGs' approaches
Picture of Researcher in the laboratory
06 March

All centres and institutions relying on the first 2013 Career Integration Grants (CIGs) for the recruitment of world-class researchers must submit their research proposals by tomorrow, March 7th, at 17:00 Brussels time (GMT+1). This is the first of the 2013 deadlines for this specific package of EU grants, especially intended for research institutions based in EU member states and associated countries willing to expand their teams with top scientists from anywhere in the word.

Picture of Researcher in the laboratory

The grants, supported by a maximum of €100,000 from the 'Marie Curie Actions' – a specific EU funding scheme managed by the Research Executive Agency – cover multiannual contracts for newly-appointed scientists with research experience of at least 4 years or a doctoral degree.

The funds are to help the researchers establish themselves in a new position after moving country and can be used freely by the host institution and the researcher to cover any cost for the proposed research project – such as researcher's salary, activities, publications, patents, consumables, travel costs, etc. - provided that the declared scientific objectives are legitimately pursued.

Those centres and institutions missing tomorrow's deadline will still have a second and final opportunity to apply for a CIG. All pending applications must be submitted by 18 September, the final CIG deadline.

The ultimate goal of these two deadlines for research proposals, which are supported by a total budget of €40 million, is to encourage world-class researchers from all scientific domains to establish their researcher career in Europe.