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Science beyond fiction: locust-inspired car sensors to hit market
Picture of a Locust
28 February

A research team from the Newcastle and Lincoln Universities (UK) has developed a navigation system for cars inspired by the locust’s visual system. The work could provide a blueprint for the development of highly accurate vehicle collision sensors. An EU research grant beneficiary is part of the team behind this breakthrough.

Insects have incredibly ‘powerful’ (fast and accurate) data processing systems built into their biology. The team responsible for the research, which includes Julieta Sztarker, an EU grant beneficiary from the University of Buenos Aires supported by the Marie Curie Actions, and her supervisor, Dr Claire Rind, from the University of Newcastle, has managed to recreate them using robotics.

Picture of a Locust

“This research offers us important insights into how we can develop a system for a car which could improve performance to such a level that we could take out the element of human error,” says Dr Rind.