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Record 1 million Europeans attended the Researchers' Night
People attending an event in the framework of this year's Researchers' Night
19 October

According to the organisers of the Researchers’ Night 2012, 1 million people participated in the experiments, interactive science shows, visits to laboratories, demos and other “edutainment” activities organised last 28 September in the context of this mega event which took place, simultaneously, in 32 EU and associated countries and more than 350 cities all over Europe. The figures represent a record in the history of the initiative. Participation data was disclosed today by the REA services involved.

On the basis of the event media coverage registered so far, 125 million Europeans may have been made aware of the organised activities and underlying EU policies. The data is based on the potential target audience of the national and regional newspapers and magazines,  and radio and TV stations that covered the event.

Nearly 800,000 visitors participated in the Researchers’ Night events in 2011. Participation figures have been exponentially increasing since 2006, the first year the event was organised.