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Eurobarometer, Madrid, 27th October 2006


Margot Wallström Dear participants / guests,

Communicating and connecting Europe to its citizens is a major challenge task for all of us. In this context "Understanding European public opinion" is one of the key targets that have been defined in the White Paper on a European Communication Policy. The Commission White Paper proposes a far-reaching project for a European Communication Policy and identifies new ways to involve citizens in the European project.
In this context, the Directorate-General Communication of the European Commission is organising a conference on European public opinion research in Madrid on the 27th of October this year. This event will allow prominent representatives of opinion research institutes, EU institutions, EU member states, journalists and the academic world to exchange views and knowledge in the field of public opinion research. The main objective is to deepen our understanding of European public opinion and to explore new venues to make the best use of existing tools and research at national and at European level.
I am convinced that this conference will be of great interest for all key experts in the field of European public opinion research. We now have the chance to contribute to a better communication between the European citizen and stakeholders.
The main objective of the conference is to build up a strong network of stakeholders of public opinion research for enhancing the ongoing and future co-operation between the different parties and to identify new possible initiatives together. For this purpose, 4 parallel workshops will be held. Each of the different workshops is designed to define and determine a specific aspect of the network. All of us together will develop ideas for the future co-operation and action in the respective fields.
Thus, this conference will have a significant multiplier effect and will contribute to a better understanding of European public opinion.
I will be honoured to welcome you at our conference.
Best regards,
Margot Wallström
Vice-President of the European Commission and Commissioner for Institutional Relations and Communication Strategy