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Eurobarometer, Madrid, 27th October 2006

Background and objectives of the conference

Public opinion research
In modern democratic societies, policy-makers devote much attention to analysing public opinion, using tools such as opinion polls and media monitoring. As citizens increasingly withdraw from traditional forms of political participation, these tools become even more important.
European public opinion is complex and diverse, reflecting different national perspectives. Understanding it therefore poses a particular challenge. The European Commission has been a front runner in developing modern tools - such as the Eurobarometer surveys - for analysing European public opinion.
White Paper on European Communication Strategy
The White Paper on a European Communication Policy, launched in February 2006 with the aim to develop strategies to diminish the gap between the EU and its citizens, presents a broad range of opportunities to better appraise European opinion.
Network for a better understanding of European public opinion
This conference is an initiative to develop new forms of co-operation between the European institutions and Member States in accordance with the communication strategy of the White Paper.
The overall objective is to explore venues of potential co-operation among pollsters, national govern-ments, EU institutions and the academic world in order to better anticipate and understand trends in public opinion on issues of crucial importance for the future of Europe. It is a first step in the way of creating a network of national experts in public opinion research. ESOMAR, the world wide association of market research and opinion polls with more than 4000 members in more than 100 countries will be a privileged partner.