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This is the website for the Public Opinion Analysis sector of the European Commission. Since 1973, the European Commission has been monitoring the evolution of public opinion in the Member States, thus helping the preparation of texts, decision-making and the evaluation of its work. Our surveys and studies address major topics concerning European citizenship: enlargement, social situation, health, culture, information technology, environment, the Euro, defence, etc.

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To help address the environmental problems facing Europe and the world, the EU's Europe 2020 strategy contains a set of environmental objectives, as well as a commitment to sustainability. To inform this process, and assist the European Commission in delivering the environmental goals of Europe 2020, this survey examines citizens’ impressions of the environment and environmental problems, and asks people how they think these issues might be addressed.
The objective of this survey was to review changes that had occurred since the adoption of the Council Recommendation on patient safety and healthcare associated infections in 2009, in the following areas: 1. information to EU citizens about patient safety measures; 2. the likelihood of experiencing an adverse event, and the circumstances and characteristics of this experience; 3. the types of redress available if EU citizens suffer an adverse event in their own country or another Member State, and where they can turn for help; 4. EU public perceptions of the quality of healthcare.
In addition, this survey also asked about EU citizens’ experience of hospitalisation and/or long-term care, and whether they received information on the risk of healthcare associated infections.
Waste management and resource efficiency are key elements of EU environmental policy and the Europe 2020 strategy. This survey seeks to understand citizens’ perceptions, attitudes and practices related to the efficient use of resources and the generation and management of waste, as well as elements of the so-called “circular economy” (including second-hand products and alternatives to buying new products).
This report presents the results of a survey conducted among young Europeans aged 15 to 24 regarding their behaviour and attitudes towards drugs, including the so-called "legal highs", that is to say new substances that imitate the effects of illicit drugs and are often sold in the form of powders, herbs or pills. Insights are given into drug use, availability of drugs, and opinions on which measures could best be undertaken to tackle drug-related problems in society. The survey also looks at young people's perceptions of the health risk related to the use of particular drugs, ranging from heroin to cannabis, as well as alcohol.
“The Promise of the EU” aims to develop a vision for the EU’s future based on three questions: How much unity do citizens want and what are the areas where more integration should take place? What would make the EU more democratic and how can EU politicians be made more accountable for the decisions they make? What is the right balance between responsibility and solidarity? The broad objectives of this study are to understand how people perceive the EU and what the European idea means to them, especially in the wake of the economic and financial crisis.

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