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This is the website for the Public Opinion Analysis sector of the European Commission. Since 1973, the European Commission has been monitoring the evolution of public opinion in the Member States, thus helping the preparation of texts, decision-making and the evaluation of its work. Our surveys and studies address major topics concerning European citizenship: enlargement, social situation, health, culture, information technology, environment, the Euro, defence, etc.

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This study first establishes how secure European citizens feel and the impact of various factors on this feeling. It then aims to identify what they regard as the main security threats to the EU, and the way in which these threats may be evolving. Finally, the study goes on to consider which organisations or institutions are best placed to address these challenges, and whether these groups are doing a good job in tackling security threats. Additionally, respondents consider whether there has been a price to pay in terms of personal freedom so that governments can effectively fight terrorists and criminals, and whether new technologies might improve – or undermine – the security of European citizens.
The survey of companies engaging in online selling or online purchasing asked companies which were the main obstacles they encountered when selling to or purchasing from other member states. The most important obstacles were in both cases the onerous cost of cross-border delivery and the costs of cross-border dispute resolution. This is true both for companies actually doing and for companies considering cross-border eCommerce.
The primary objective of this survey is to study young EU citizens’ participation in society, with special reference to their involvement in voluntary activities, their participation in political elections and cultural activities, and their confidence about finding employment.
In 2014, DG Competition conducted the second comprehensive stakeholder survey about the perceived quality and impact of DG Competition's enforcement, policy and advocacy activities in 2010-2013. This survey was based on in-depth interviews, carried out in June-July 2014 by TNS Qual+ among lawyers, companies, economic consultants, business and consumer associations, Member States' ministries as well as national competition authorities. The results consist of six individual reports reflecting each stakeholder group's specific views, as well as an aggregate report summarizing the results of the individual reports. Stakeholders were generally positive about the quality and impact DG Competition’s actions but mentioned also some areas for improvement.

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