Eurobarometer Interactive Search System
This section of the website gives you access to the search tool for our Trends questions database.

Eurobarometer interactive search system

This tool runs a search of the Trends questions database. It is possible to look for data on specific countries or a group of countries. In addition to comparing the results of several countries for a specific question, it allows analysis of country trends . The data can be displayed as a graph, a pie chart, in an excel table or in columns.

Survey results can also be displayed on a map of the EU. The colour coding facilitates quick and easy comparisons between countries.

Generate a report in three easy steps

  • 1 Select a question or topic
    Pick from list or search through keywords
  • 2 Choose a region
    Display barometer results for one country or a range of countries
  • 3 Define a period
    Consult a specific wave or define a period of time
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