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A breakthrough in prosthetics technology by EU-funded researchers will provide amputees with clinically and commercially viable artificial limbs offering intuitive, proportional and simultaneous control of hand, wrist and elbow movements in the near future. Read more
From 05/12/2016 to 07/12/2016
Brussels, Belgium
This Summit will look at how digital technology will transform the way we think about delivering health and care in Europe. Areas covered will range from health (medical treatment) to prevention and healthy lifestyles and other areas of the Silver Economy (Silver Tourism, Age Friendly Homes and Living Environments etc.). Participants will help to the define a shared vision on how innovation can transform demographic change into an opportunity for Europe's ageing society and the Silver Economy. Read more
Digital forensics for images and videos is growing in importance - the tool can be used to catch criminals and track copyright infringement. EU-funded researchers have developed new techniques to advance the science - this could be a big help for law enforcement and a boost to industry competitiveness. Read more
Innovation Deals, a new pilot scheme launched by the European Commission today, aim to help innovators with promising solutions to environmental issues to navigate regulatory challenges to bringing their ideas to market. Read more
As people age, the more likely they are to be reaching for their reading glasses due to failing near sight or presbyopia. But thanks to EU research, contact lenses providing correct vision at all distances could be on the horizon. Read more
Following EFSA's bee task force work to identify cross-cutting issues, gaps in knowledge, research needs, and provide recommendations for the environmental risk assessment of multiple stressors on bees; an EU Scientific workshop on bee health and pollination was organised on 10/03/2016 to support the identification of areas for possible research under Horizon 2020. Read more
Access to finance can be difficult for companies in environmental sectors due to limited information or understanding of new business models or the issues driving them. In addition, there are also challenges in getting from innovation to the market.

Therefore, reliable access to a variety of funding sources is crucial for European companies in green sectors and for the development of the circular economy. Read more
Genova (IT)
Understanding the neurobiological principles beyond retinal functionality is essential to develop successful artificial computer vision architectures. This workshop is a unique opportunity to learn about the R&D performed in the FET project RENVISION which investigated pan-retinal signal processing at high spatio-temporal resolution, through neuroscientific, optical and computational approaches involving advanced pattern recognition and machine learning technologies. Read more
The EU-funded project SocialCar is developing an urban networking service allowing travellers to combine public transport with car sharing offers to plan trips. The aim is to offer travellers more options and reduce urban congestion. Read more
A long-lasting and cheap alternative to wood for use in bathroom furniture could be on sale soon, thanks to an EU-funded project that has developed an economic rival to imported materials. Read more