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  1. Participate in the definition of the CHIST-ERA Call 2014

    From 17/06/2014- 02:00 to 18/06/2014- 02:00 The topic keywords in the flyer illustrate the topics, but will be refined. All attendees are invited to participate in plenary and facilitated break-out sessions to identify and formulate the promising scientif ...

    newsroom editor - 05/06/2014 - 11:24

  2. Information Day on “Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation”

    03/07/2014- 02:00 Brussels The European Commission services will hold an Information Day on the Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation Calls in Horizon 2020 (published on December 11, 2013) on ERA Chairs, Teaming and Twinning. Please confirm your ...

    newsroom editor - 05/06/2014 - 18:24

  3. Monitoring agriculture for sustainability

    16/10/2015- 02:00 The SIGMA project, involving 22 partners in 16 countries from Africa, America, Asia and Europe, is creating tools and methods that will enable farmers, researchers and other stakeholders to gain an unprecedented long-term and worldwide p ...

    newsroom editor - 11/11/2015 - 15:11

  4. Grow your own food — in space

    14/10/2015- 15:02 Only a few decades ago, the prospect of human settlements in space might have sounded like pie in the sky. But with the International Space Station (ISS), Earthlings have already established a presence off-planet, and others will follow ...

    newsroom editor - 11/11/2015 - 15:11

  5. A silver bullet for dangerous viruses

    Ebola virus 13/01/2015- 16:38 Latest on Silver (September, 2015) Harmful viruses that contain ribonucleic acid (RNA) rather than DNA include those responsible for diseases such as poliomyelitis, influenza hepatitis, and more recently, epidemic Ebola haemo ...

    newsroom editor - 11/11/2015 - 15:11

  6. Horizon 2020 work programme for 2016-2017 published

    14/10/2015- 11:59 Research and innovation are the engines of Europe's progress and vital to addressing today's new pressing challenges like immigration, climate change, clean energy and healthy societies. Carlos Moedas, Commissioner for Research ...

    newsroom editor - 11/11/2015 - 15:11

  7. A boost for efficient, safe food production

    14/10/2015- 02:00 A lot of natural resources – such as water, minerals in fertilisers, soil, and energy – go into crop cultivation and food processing to deliver the fruit and vegetables we eat. But this supply chain is very inefficient. Some 20-50% of th ...

    newsroom editor - 11/11/2015 - 15:11

  8. European Commission invests €16 billion in funding for research and innovation over next two years

    13/10/2015- 18:51 More information Carlos Moedas, Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation said: "Research and innovation are the engines of Europe's progress and vital to addressing today's new pressing challenges like immigration ...

    newsroom editor - 11/11/2015 - 15:11

  9. Video games or exercise for stroke rehab?

    13/10/2015- 17:40 In the EU and the 12 countries associated to its research programmes, 1.1 million people suffer a stroke every year. Today there are currently six million individuals who have had a stroke living in these countries. A stroke occurs when ...

    newsroom editor - 11/11/2015 - 15:11

  10. Brokerage event on KETs- Nanotechnologies and Advanced Materials, Biotechnologies, Advanced Manufacturing and Processing (NMBP)

    12/05/2016 Mainz, Germany More information The objectives of the brokerage event are to present the 2017 topics of the European Union’s NMBP Work Programme 2016 – 2017 of the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation “Horizon 2020” and to prepare fu ...

    newsroom editor - 19/01/2016 - 15:00