Horizon 2020
The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation


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  1. ICT Research & Innovation

    It generates 25% of total business expenditure in Research and Development (R&D), and investments in ICT account for 50% of all European productivity growth. EU investments in ICTs are due to increase by about 25% under Horizon 2020 compared to FP7. T ...

    esteana - 12/10/2016 - 11:44

  2. Raw Materials

    The European Union is facing two main challenges, which are crucial for a strong EU industrial base as an essential building block of the EU's growth and competitiveness: a high dependence of its imports, and the security of supply of raw materials. ...

    esteana - 16/01/2017 - 09:26

  3. Water innovation

    One of the main focus areas of the "Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials Challenge" in Horizon 2020 is water. It aims at boosting EU competitiveness, growth and jobs in the water sector, thus positioning Europe as a ...

    esteana - 14/10/2015 - 11:12

  4. Content Technologies and Information Management

    The demand is growing for high-quality content and new user experiences, with some specific trends in the society and businesses: media convergence, social media, widespread use of mobile devices, broadband internet penetration, increasing computing power ...

    esteana - 27/10/2017 - 11:58

  5. A new generation of components and systems

    Electronics, microsystems and embedded systems underpin innovation and value creation across the economy. The objective is to reinforce Europe's stronghold positions in these areas and to capture opportunities arising in new growth markets driven by ...

    esteana - 27/10/2017 - 11:59

  6. The Eurostars programme

    The Eurostars programme is is a funding and support programme, aimed at R&D-performing SMEs that wish to exploit the benefits that come with international collaboration. Eurostars projects are: transnational, started and led by an SME, involve at leas ...

    esteana - 27/10/2017 - 12:01

  7. Waste

    One of the main focus areas of the "Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials Challenge" in Horizon 2020 is waste. In this sense, the main concern is to support the transition towards a more circular economy, where the w ...

    esteana - 27/10/2017 - 12:04

  8. Smart Cyber-Physical Systems

    Next generation embedded ICT systems are interconnected and collaborating including through the Internet of things, and providing citizens and businesses with a wide range of innovative applications and services in living and working environments. Cyber-P ...

    esteana - 15/11/2017 - 09:41