Horizon 2020
The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation
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  1. Excellent Science

     The Excellent Science pillar has main four specific objectives: The European Research Council (ERC) will provide attractive and flexible funding to enable talented and creative individual researchers and their teams to pursue the most promising avenues a ...

    zilbefa - 04/12/2015 - 10:27

  2. Industrial Leadership

    It consists of three specific objectives: " Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies " will provide dedicated support for research, development and demonstration and, where appropriate, for standardisation and certification, on informa ...

    furzcat - 04/12/2015 - 10:24

  3. Societal Challenges

    A challenge-based approach will bring together resources and knowledge across different fields, technologies and disciplines, including social sciences and the humanities. This will cover activities from research to market with a new focus on innovation-r ...

    furzcat - 04/12/2015 - 10:13

  4. Robotics

    The rapid increase in the use of robots in our homes and cars, in hospitals and industrial environments is raising questions about what the risks and benefits are on society as a whole. High growth potential Europe is one of the world leading regions in i ...

    barryan - 28/10/2016 - 09:35

  5. Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation (CAPS)

    Collective awareness platforms include several areas, such as collaborative consumption, getting facts/evidence from citizens for better decision making, driving sustainable behaviours and lifestyles, or developing alternative collaborative approaches to ...

    dansene - 20/10/2014 - 09:28

  6. Science Education

    Making science education and careers attractive for young people is an ambitious goal, since it targets to drastically improve science and technology-literacy in our society. Innovative formal and informal science education teaching and learning is import ...

    kamraro - 14/10/2015 - 10:16

  7. Nuclear fusion

    Critical for the success of the European fusion research programme is the successful completion of ITER, a fusion test facility currently under construction in the South of France, within a reasonable timeframe. ITER is expected to demonstrate the first & ...

    wysomar - 03/10/2014 - 12:46

  8. Photonics

    Photonics has the potential to provide solutions in many industrial sectors and for major societal challenges such as health and well-being, energy efficiency and safety. ...

    pelagan - 24/03/2016 - 09:25

  9. Micro- and Nanoelectronics

      Keep Europe competitive Advanced micro and nano-electronics technologies are at the origin of most innovations and productivity improvements throughout the economy. They create growth, jobs and enhance Europe's competitiveness. This is best facilit ...

    maietho - 05/10/2016 - 11:28

  10. Scientific Panel for Health (SPH)

    The Panel has three main roles: to analyse and propose solutions to bottlenecks that prevent improvements in health, to identify long term trends influencing health through foresight, and will recommend research and innovation priorities to respond to the ...

    vermeyo - 22/05/2017 - 11:48