Horizon 2020
The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation


Cleaning and maintaining art can reveal the original beauty of a work. But the chemicals and products used must not cause long-term damage to the artefacts, conservators’ health or the environment. An EU-funded project has developed a new class of nanotech-based products that provides safer, greener conservation than conventional products. Read more
Brussels, Belgium

Information Day on the contractual Public-Private Partnerships on Factories of the Future, Energy-efficient Buildings, Green Vehicles and Sustainable Process Industry
Overview of ongoing activities – presentation of the 2016 - 2017 calls – brokerage and networking

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Have you ever stared at packaged meat from your fridge or freezer and wondered if it’s still good to eat? Thrown out food because you just weren’t sure? Smart labels could help to set your mind at rest. An EU-funded project has developed innovative stickers to do just that. Read more
An EU-funded project is helping researchers and policy-makers in Europe and South East Asia form consortia to collaborate on sustainable food, healthcare and water management research. Projects tackle major issues, such as contaminants in food imports or the growing global threat of antimicrobial resistance. Read more
Surveys such as the 2010 Eurobarometer show that people around Europe are worried about what they eat and where it comes from. But what causes this? And does it affect behaviour? An EU-funded project studied consumer choices about shopping, cooking and eating – offering a more accurate picture of what shapes their decisions. The results could lead to better-informed policies on health, sustainability and business. Read more
Pregnant women are more prone to becoming infected with malaria than other adults. In their case, the parasite tends to hide in the placenta, unnoticed but damaging to the host and her unborn child. An EU-funded project has set out to improve the antenatal care as well as the malaria diagnosis and treatment available to expectant mothers in endemic areas. Read more
EU-funded researchers have developed an innovative new cancer treatment. Interest from the pharmaceutical industry has been so great that the research team has set up a company dedicated to bringing their innovations to market. Read more
From 20/10/2015 to 23/10/2015
London, UK
Registration is now open, go to the conference's website to ensure your place. Early bird rate is applicable on all booking before August 14th. Aerodays is a European flagship event bringing together over 1000 attendees from the world of Aeronautics and Air Transport research. Read more
Early in February, Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) successfully deployed the Mont-Blanc prototype. After three years of intensive research effort, the team installed a two-rack prototype which is now available to the Mont-Blanc consortium partners. It is the first time that a large HPC system based on mobile embedded technology has been deployed and made fully operational to a scientific community. Read more
Ripe, but not too ripe; sweet, but still a bit tart — to make outstanding wine, grapes must be harvested when they are at their best. Choosing the right moment is one of the key decisions of the winemaking process. The WinePen, a low-cost handheld device developed by the EU-funded PREMIVM project, can help. It is based on innovative techniques that can give winegrowers the information they need much faster than conventional tools. Read more