Horizon 2020
The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation


When consumers buy food, their choices impact economies, the environment and the well-being of both humans and animals. An EU-funded project is developing a flexible method to assess these impacts to help policymakers achieve a more sustainable food supply. Read more
EU-funded researchers are developing an underwater robot with exceptional dexterity that can be controlled remotely from the shore. For the oil and gas industry this could mean reducing the amount of hazardous underwater repair work that is usually carried out by divers, while also cutting operational costs. Read more
As the popularity of ready-to-eat salads increases, producers are seeking to keep us hungry for more by offering greater choice. But testing each new recipe for safety, quality and shelf life costs time and money for producers – predominantly small companies. EU-funded researchers have developed software that predicts the impact of each production stage on a salad, aiming to reduce costs, and help small food makers become more competitive in this market. Read more
Building a sustainable future is a key challenge facing governments today. Information on possible approaches is needed, and a wealth of relevant research does exist — but it is not necessarily easy to find and use. An EU-funded project has compiled extensive knowledge online and promoted dialogue between scientists and policy-makers. Read more
Europe’s first fully comparable evaluation of vitamin D status and dietary intake – as they relate to vitamin D deficiency – will soon be available thanks to the EU-funded ODIN project. This could lead to innovative food-based solutions designed to increase vitamin D in the food supply. Read more
High Performance Computing (HPC) is a strategic tool for science, industry, and society. Learn more about HPC and its concrete applications in this blog, co-signed by Roberto Viola, Director-General (DG Communications Networks, Content and Technologies) and Robert-Jan Smits, Director-General (DG Research and Innovation). Read more
An EU-funded researcher has developed a way to study directly how the body processes and stores fat. New information from his method is helping scientists better understand how to prevent serious health conditions. Read more
The aerospace, medical technologies and automotive sectors have very high manufacturing costs because of the complexity of the parts involved, the low volumes produced and the price of raw materials. EU-funded researchers are building a solution that almost sounds too good to be true: a fast, energy-efficient combined subtractive and additive manufacturing machine that produces metal parts for lower cost than its traditional counterparts. Read more
Milan, Italy

Information day on Horizon 2020

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From 08/10/2015 to 09/10/2015

The European Commission and a group of six leading Turkish universities are organising a Conference on the Turkish Universities in the European Research Area in Ankara on 8 October 2015.

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