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With her ERC grant, the 5000th awarded to a leading scientist in Europe, Dr Iva Tolić wants to push forward the frontiers of knowledge on the mechanical principles of cell division. To reach her goal, after spending several years in the USA, Denmark, Italy and Germany, she has moved back to Croatia where she is setting her new research team. The results of her ERC-funded project could lead to new insight in cell and molecular biology, potentially opening novel ways to treat cancer. Read more
An EU-funded project that built the first hydrological model of the Black Sea region has played a key role in expanding the use of Earth observation data, putting crucial environmental information at the fingertips of scientists and policymakers globally. Read more
SmartCare aims to define a common set of standard functional specifications for an open ICT platform enabling the delivery of integrated care to older European citizens. A total of 23 regions and their key stakeholders are defining a comprehensive set of integration building blocks around the challenges of data-sharing, coordination and communication. Read more
The BREATHE project (co-funded by the AAL programme) aims to design and develop an intelligent monitoring system for AAL environments, by employing cameras and other types of binary sensors. In order to ensure the privacy of user data and information, BREATHE follows a privacy-by-design approach. Read more
From 28/07/2015 to 31/07/2015
Barcelona (ES)
The development of future real-world technologies will depend strongly on our understanding and harnessing of the principles underlying living systems and the flow of communication signals between living and artificial systems. Living Machines, organised by FET project CSNII, is a forum to discuss the development of novel technologies through the distillation of principles from the study of biological systems. Read more
Dramatic changes are underway in global politics. An EU-funded project aims to help Europe’s policymakers respond in a way that ensures European values and objectives continue to influence the evolution of global norms and policies. Read more
From 21/09/2015 to 25/09/2015
Toulouse (France)
The aim of the Two!Ears Summer School is to provide comprehensive training in active machine hearing. Basic aspects of sound perception and analysis will be presented, after which some cutting-edge results, developed in Two!Ears and other projects, will be covered. Read more
While weather forecasts – including those for wind – have improved significantly, change is always imminent. When wind power rises or falls unexpectedly, it can have a knock-on effect on infrastructure and power supply. An EU-funded research project has improved the accuracy of short-term forecasts, helping Europe rely more on wind power as it moves towards a more secure and cleaner energy future. Read more
From 07/06/2015 to 18/11/2015
By 1 December 2014 the first 100 calls had closed. What can we tell about the popularity of the programme, the success of SMEs, the degree to which the programme has attracted newcomers - both as participants and as expert evaluators - the proportion of women experts and the speed with which contracts have been signed? See this new page to find out more! Read more