Press releases about FET Flagships

E.g., 18-10-2018
E.g., 18-10-2018
  • Switzerland and EU join forces in science and research

    Today (5 December 2014) the European Union and Switzerland signed a comprehensive international agreement associating Switzerland to parts of Horizon 2020, Research and Training Programme of Euratom and the ITER project. This will see Switzerland participate in project consortia in eligible programmes on an equal footing with EU Member States, while financially contributing to these programmes with an estimated €400 million until the end of 2016.
    signing the agreement
  • From lighter airplanes to new treatments for brain diseases

    The two ambitious EU science and technology Flagships (@FETFlagships) will have a great impact on various sectors in the next 10 years.
  • EU Press release: EU Science and Technology Flagships pick up steam - final inclusive structure announced

    The European Commission published today a report on its ambitious science and technology Flagships. The report draws the lessons from setting up the first two such Flagships, Graphene and the Human Brain Project, each representing an investment of EUR 1 billion. It also sets out the future working arrangements for the two Flagships underway.