Featured projects about FET Proactive

E.g., 23-03-2018
E.g., 23-03-2018
  • QuantERA: the new ERA-NET supporting Quantum Technologies

    QuantERA is a new Cofund Action in Quantum Technologies. With a budget of over 37 million €, including co-funding from the European Commission, QuantERA will support international research projects in the field of Quantum Technologies.
  • Impressive achievements for project Harvest4D

    The EU-funded project Harvest4D will have a significant impact, not only scientifically, but also practically, as it solves many fundamental problems related to the capture, reconstruction, and visualization of 3D data to create 4D models.
  • A way to make FET research fit for the market

    How can Future and Emerging Technologies projects get their research results closer to the market? FET2RIN provides answers.
  • Exa2Green FET project: new paradigms for "green" supercomputing

    With today’s technology, supercomputers of the future would consume the amount of energy needed to power a little town. To allow the further development in exascale supercomputing without that extremely energy-intense trade-off, Exa2green developed a set of energy efficient High-Performance Computing (HPC) components, tools and algorithms.
  • Bio-inspired robots will examine the waters of Venice

    An artificial society of robots inspired by marine biology will bring a number of benefits for underwater technology, and help to protect the waterways of Venice from further damage.
    Scenery image of the swarm
  • Why and how an Icelandic company contributes to FET projects?

    Össur, a company with headquarters based in Iceland and whose mission is to improve people's mobility, is a partner in two FET projects, BIOMOT and SYMBITRON. Learn more about those projects and how Össur contributes to them.
  • The H2020 CIMPLEX FET Proactive project

    CIMPLEX project will develop novel modeling, computational and ICT tools needed to predict and influence disease spread and other contagion phenomena in complex social systems.
  • Baltic Countries in focus: The personal experience of Vyacheslavs Kashcheyevs

    Dr. Vyacheslavs Kashcheyevs is a physicist and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of the University of Latvia. He is also a partner of the SiAM FET Proactive project. In 2013, he was one of the 40 “Young Scientists’2013” invited to the Annual Meeting of the New Champions (the “summer Davos” by World Economic Forum). In this interview, he tells us more about his experience as a researcher, and as being involved in a FET project.
  • Image sensors that behave like biological retinas - SEEBETTER

    Biological visual organs have unique capabilities for the processing of information not matched by electronic devices.The SEEBETTER Future and Emerging Technologies project works in finding ways to bridge this gap and the development of "silicon retinas".
  • DIADEMS – finding the sensor behind the sparkle

    Diamonds – highly desirable lumps of carbon. But while their use to jewellers is well known, their hidden secrets are being revealed by the DIADEMS project. By modifying the structure of a diamond crystal, the project creates a new material that could be used in applications, from the creation of smart medicines to the next generation computers. The EU project is helping Europe stay at the forefront of research into atomic scale sensors.