Horizon 2020
The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation

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How might climate change affect communities and how can they cope with the impacts? To prepare the way for an EU-wide climate service that can best answer those questions, an EU-funded project has developed local climate services, identifying the data local stakeholders need – and the best ways to communicate it. Read more
The Airlander hybrid air vehicle is a new form of aircraft designed by Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd (HAV). The vehicle combines inert lifting gas, aerodynamics and vectored thrust to deliver ‘game changing’ performance, compared to current flight technologies. Read more
The second edition of the European Tertiary Education Register (ETER) has been published today. ETER offers a comprehensive compilation of information on more than 2 200 European higher education institutions. Read more
A drug capable of not only controlling certain autoimmune diseases but also reorienting the immune system has been developed through the EU-funded TRIAD project and is now undergoing clinical trials via a spin-off. Scientists believe that this approach could be the first step towards finding a cure. Read more
An EU-funded research project has developed a system to automatically analyse and sort materials from the soil and rock excavated during the boring of tunnels and other underground structures. The system will cut waste, help tunnelling companies generate additional revenues, and provide valuable materials to industry, say the researchers. Read more
It isn’t ‘Iron Man’, but European researchers in the Robo-Mate project are developing a robotic ‘exoskeleton’ to protect workers from injuries due to heavy and repetitive work. A first prototype has already been unveiled. Read more
An EU-funded project has provided the data needed for labels that would classify the environmental impact and safety of retreaded truck tyres – an environmentally-friendly, cost-effective alternative to new tyres, which must already have such labels under EU law. The project results should help consumers choose between new and retreaded tyres more objectively, maintaining confidence in retreaded tyres and preserving jobs in retreading SMEs. Read more
Deciding when to renovate or replace an ageing bridge can be tricky. Risks to safety must be avoided, but acting prematurely may be wasteful. Monitoring techniques developed by an EU-funded project can facilitate such decisions. They are based on an innovative weigh-in-motion system used to check that trucks aren’t overloaded. Read more
An EU-funded project has fed thousands of people on food that would otherwise be wasted in some of Europe’s biggest cities. Raising awareness is part of a strategy to reduce food waste. The project is also examining ways to encourage businesses and households to use food more efficiently and discard less. Its proposals could increase resource efficiency along the supply chain, cut bills for shoppers, and contribute to a sustainable food system. Read more
Brussels, Belgium

The event targets potential applicants to the calls for project proposals under the Horizon 2020 challenge ‘Smart, green and integrated transport’.

Presentations will cover the Work Programme for 2016-2017 and the application procedure, as well as detailed information on the calls.

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