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E.g., 20-02-2017
E.g., 20-02-2017
From 17/01/2017 to 17/01/2017
What’s your action plan? If you are planning to run the marathon or just go for a walk, chances are that your approach is completely different. We want to give you some ideas on how to increase your outreach and learn from successful EU-funded projects. Read more
From 13/07/2016 to 13/07/2016

From 16 February to 29 April 2016, the European Commission's Directorate-General for Research and Innovation ran a call for ideas to gather stakeholders' views on disruptive, market-creating innovation, gaps in the current innovation support landscape, and the potential remit of a European Innovation Council (EIC). A total of 1022 replies and 183 supporting documents and position papers were received.

We would like to invite you to a workshop to discuss the results of the call

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From 30/03/2016 to 30/03/2016
The Human Brain Project (HBP) is planning an online release event (30 March) to present the first components, services and tools of its six ICT Platforms to the scientific community (platforms on Neuroinformatics, Brain Simulation, High Performance Analytics and Computing, Medical Informatics, Neuromorphic Computing and Neurorobotics.) There will be a live stream via AdobeConnect Webcast. More info will be made available on the HBP website in due course. Read more
From 22/02/2016 to 25/02/2016
Barcelona (ES)
The Graphene Flagship will introduce a Graphene Zone at the 2016 Mobile World Congress. Alongside co-exhibitors from industry and academia, the Flagship will highlight graphene in mobile applications, from bendable batteries to new wearables sensors. Read more
From 26/11/2015 to 26/11/2015
Brussels, Charlemagne building
The European Commission is organising an information session in Brussels for Grant Coordinators, so they can learn legal aspects, business processes and IT tools used to prepare amendments and reports with particular attention to the financial aspects and eligibility of costs. Read more
From 28/06/2015 to 01/07/2015
Leiden, The Netherlands
This year the theme for the conference is Global Outreach: Enabling Cultures and Diversity in Research Management and Administration. This theme reflects the growing need and ambition to reach out and get connected and work together globally. Cooperating not only in the field of scientific research & innovation and higher education but also in the field of research management and administration. Read more
From 22/06/2015 to 26/06/2015
Manchester (UK)
The conference is commissioned by the Graphene Flagship, with support from the University of Manchester, the National Graphene Institute (NGI), and the City of Manchester. Read more
From 11/06/2015 to 11/06/2015

The event offers the opportunity to learn about the state of the art on demand-side innovation policy after a decade of experience and about what companies want the European Union to deliver in the coming years to make markets more innovation-friendly.

Conference attendees will come away with informed outlooks on future innovation policies in the light of the evidence and the context of the current policy orientation in the EU.

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From 11/06/2015 to 11/06/2015

This webinar will explain the role of standardization in innovation, and provide you with tools and tips on how to correctly address standards in your project proposal.

We will include concrete case studies of successful research projects which have addressed standardization. A detailed programme will be added closer to the date.

To register your interest please email us at research@cencenelec.eu, with the subject line

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From 02/06/2015 to 02/06/2015
Brussels (Belgium)
"From Nobel Prize to technology, innovation and industrial competitiveness" What is so special about graphene and other 2D materials? Will the Graphene Flagship allow Europe to take the driving seat in these technologies, and turn them into growth and jobs? A Science and Technology Options Assessment (STOA) workshop in the European Parliament is going to explore such questions. Read more