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Luckily, sarcomas are rare – but this also means that very few clinical trials have investigated better ways to tackle these malignant tumours. The fact that there are many types of sarcoma, which respond to treatment in very different ways, adds to the difficulty of organising such studies. An EU-funded cancer research project has taken up the challenge in a bid to develop targeted treatments. Read more
The Failure Aversion Change in Europe (FACE) project will be running a communication campaign in view of boosting ICT entrepreneurship in Europe by fighting against the fear of failure, through the means of a gamified process. Read more
Roughly 3 000 pharmaceutical products are used in human healthcare. Since a patient’s body does not fully metabolise some of them, they are excreted and can end up in the environment, where they can impact aquatic life, and potentially human beings. EU-funded researchers investigated how much concern is warranted about anticancer drugs and antibiotics. Read more
EU-XCEL, European Virtual Accelerator launches its recruitment campaign for tech entrepreneurs across Europe Read more
The European Union (EU)-funded project PRO-NEST has paved the way towards novel therapies to prevent prostate cancer, which is the third most common cause of cancer for males in Europe. New diagnostic tests and treatments to curb the disease are now in the pipeline, and expected to become available within the next 10 years. Read more
This January, a new Horizon 2020 project was launched to harness the power of challenge prizes and ICT to serve as catalyst for social progress in Europe. Read more
The development of an advanced pan-European raw material database is helping mining companies identify untapped sources, thus reducing our reliance on imports. In addition, new cleaner processing technologies promise to make Europe’s mining industries more competitive, creating jobs. Read more
Thriving settlements on Mars, mining operations on the moon, exploration teams heading out into the universe — humankind may one day be able to establish a presence far beyond its home planet. The EU-funded SR2S project strives to remove one of the main obstacles by developing a magnetic shield to protect astronauts from radiation in deep space. Read more
The decoding of our genetic material has opened up new frontiers in clinical care. Now a landmark EU-funded project has developed cutting edge DNA sequencing that could make cancer diagnosis and treatment significantly more effective and affordable – helping to save lives. Read more
An EU-funded research project has developed highly-sensitive detectors to monitor corrosive atmospheric pollutants in museums and archives. The detectors warn when preventative action is needed to protect Europe’s cultural artefacts – and heritage – before they are damaged by corrosion. Commercial success has followed the project and funded follow-up research on new applications, from vehicle corrosion to the paper industry. Read more