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E.g., 21-06-2018
E.g., 21-06-2018
  • Voicing a new option for online security

    The EU-funded OCTAVE project is developing an innovative voice verification system combined with user authentication as a cloud service that could replace the use of passwords for online security.
    Image of sound waves spelling 'voice'
  • New production processes promise to lower cost of biopharmaceuticals

    Drugs derived from biological sources play a major role in modern healthcare, but producing them cost-effectively to keep up with rising demand is a major challenge for the pharmaceutical industry. EU-funded researchers are developing more efficient biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes that should expand patients' access to these highly effective therapies.
    Image of scientist's hand putting leaves into petri dishes
  • Skincare science under the sea

    What if the secret of youth lies under the sea? Marine biodiversity is rich in sources for medicine and cosmetic science, as Spanish researchers are discovering on the Mediterranean coast.
    Image of scuba divers
  • Mind the gap: coordinating urban development in Europe

    JPI Urban Europe will bring together urban development research and social innovation projects under a single transnational call for projects, ENSUF, in a bid to foster growth, job creation, innovation and sustainability across European cities. Nearly 50 proposals have been received.
    Image of yellow hard hat
  • Participation and the young

    How do young people participate in decisions that concern them and their involvement at the local level? There are many ways they get involved, not all of which are recognised in formal ways. A new EU-funded project is exploring how the rising generation engages with public debate.
    Image of teenagers talking
  • A question of consciousness

    What is consciousness? Can it be measured? FET-Open project LUMINOUS tries to find answers to fundamental human questions.
    human brain enclosed by rays
  • Opening new horizons for information storage

    FET-Open project MAGicSky is neither about magic, nor about looking at the stars. Its very down-to-earth objective is to significantly improve information storage capacity and speed of information processing. In other words, MAGicSky research aims at developing extremely small and powerful memory elements
    disc with arrows pointing in different directions
  • Electric vehicles: energy cuts for longer range

    Research shows that many people are put off buying an electric vehicle because of their limited operating range - the distance that they can travel before they need charging. An EU-funded project is tackling one of the functions reducing range by consuming energy: interior heating and cooling.
    Image of electric cars charging
  • Solutions to make inland waterway transport more competitive

    The EU-funded project PROMINENT seeks to make goods transport on Europe's inland waterways more competitive compared to other modes by helping industry switch to more efficient and environmentally friendly vessels.
    Image of barge on a canal
  • Nanotechnology goes skin deep: but EU researchers keep it safe

    Nanotechnology harnesses the power of the very small - just a fraction of the size of a human hair and too tiny to see with the naked eye - to make more effective devices, materials and medicines. Now researchers behind the SKHINCAPS project funded by the European Union want to use nanotechnologies to make smart clothing and cosmetics.
    Image of woman's shoulder and ladybird