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These new industrial partners will bring in complementary competences and capabilities in specific areas, such as aerostructures manufacturing, biosensors, and supercapacitors. Read more
ADSEAT’s EvaRID, a virtual crash test dummy representing an average woman, is currently available on the market through Humanetics. The ADSEAT partner, the world’s largest supplier of crash test dummies, sells EvaRID through a commercial software licence. Read more
Knee implants made from high-strength silk scaffolds developed by EU-funded project Silkbone will undergo clinical trials this year. If successful, the tests will mark a major step toward commercialisation of the first medical product on the market based on research by Silkbone, which ended in 2008. Read more
We normally think of anthropologists studying ‘exotic’ cultures – ancient tribes that live in faraway places. But how about cultures that are closer to home? Professor Rebecca Cassidy has devoted herself to anthropological studies of European cultures of gambling. In the ‘Gambling in Europe’ (GAMSOC) project – funded by the ERC – Prof. Cassidy and her team have taken this a step further, and conducted an anthropological study of the gambling research community itself. Read more
Nuno Jardim Nunes calls it “weird”, while Chris Csikszentmihalyi calls it “zany”. Whether you use the British or US term to describe it, the mind-set is behind a renowned US technologist’s move to Europe for a lifetime position at the Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute. Read more
The second-largest university in the Czech Republic, Masaryk University in Brno is well known nationally, but less so elsewhere. Professor Petr Dvořák, head of the university’s biology department and vice-rector for research, plans to change that. He hopes to see his university ranked in the top 400 worldwide within a few years. His trump card? The appointment of renowned molecular biologist Professor Mary O’Connell as the university’s first ERA Chair. Read more
A new project will allow people with Parkinson's to be followed by a multidisciplinary team, with the use of easy and accessible technologies. The mHealth platform for Parkinson's Disease management (PD_Manager project) is being supported by 4.4 million euros in EU funding. Read more
Where water is scarce, it is particularly important to ensure that the precious drops aren’t wasted. Recycling and reuse technologies can help to preserve this precious resource even in very arid regions. An EU-funded project has developed a decision support tool to help communities select the solutions that offer the best fit for their needs. Read more
An EU-funded project has demonstrated that it is economically and technically challenging for rail operators to replace or retrofit older diesel locomotives to meet tighter emission limits on pollutants. Market incentives should be provided to speed-up the switch to new, cleaner technologies, the project recommends. Read more
Income from e-sales in the EU in 2013 accounted for 15% of total turnover, and if estimates are correct, e-commerce will grow. However, this growth brings with it an increase in freight transport, especially in urban areas, which in turn contributes to air and noise pollution as well as traffic congestion. Read more