Featured projects

E.g., 26-06-2018
E.g., 26-06-2018
  • Tools for modelling and predicting cancer progress

    Every cancer follows its own complex path. An EU-funded project is developing experimental tools and a computer model to generate and test ideas on the combined impact of the body's cell and chemical processes on cancer progress. The findings should one day help researchers and SMEs find better-targeted drugs faster.
    image of doctors and scanners
  • A study in gesture interactions

    The EU-funded GETUI project is developing ways to assess how gestures fit into the communication skill set needed for collaborative problem solving.
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  • SELFback: mHealth for low back pain

    The SELFback project is developing new mHealth technology to self-manage low back pain. Project Coordinator Paul Jarle Mork: "We anticipate that those who use the SELFback system will have at least a 20% reduction in pain related disability".
    back pain
  • Safer roads for cyclists

    Cyclists suffer a disproportionately high share of road accident injuries and fatalities. Through a combination of detection technologies, warning systems, information display and cooperation systems aimed at reducing collisions, EU-funded researchers are planning to cut fatality figures and make cycling safer.
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  • Community-based approaches to diabetes

    Diabetes is a global health threat. Three EU-funded projects are testing community-based approaches to prevention and management of the disease in Europe, Asia and Africa.
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  • Integrating better care for older people

    EU-funded project SUSTAIN aims to improve care services for the elderly by integrating the needs and wishes of patients. Such integrated, patient-centred care will promote better services and more choice for older people.
    Image of two people, one a doctor, holding hands
  • From wings to walls: EU funded project turns on a new era in heating

    Imagine wind turbine or aircraft wings that de-ice themselves in extreme conditions or floors and walls with invisible, built-in heating. Or even clothes that warm you up on the coldest of days.
    Image of plane wing
  • Sharing maritime space to unlock growth in the blue economy

    From mussel farming to wind farms, the EU-funded MARIBE project showed how various marine projects could cut costs and benefit from each other by linking up. Optimising the use of our oceans and seas would also stimulate growth in the blue economy.
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  • A new secretariat for the International Research Consortium on Animal Health

    Alex Morrow - DEFRA
    On 27 January 2016, key representatives of the Animal health community joined in Brussels to launch the International Research Consortium (IRC) on Animal Health. Less than one year later, thanks to Horizon 2020 funding, a new Scientific Secretariat for this IRC is up and running.
  • Developing new ways to monitor the progress of bone grafts

    VIVOIMAG aims to develop a new contrast agent to improve visibility and enable the real-time evaluation of bone grafts using existing scanning and imaging techniques. Such innovation could, in the future, have a substantial impact on the medical field of tissue regeneration.