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Despite decades of research, a cure for Alzheimer's remains elusive. But work conducted in Europe suggests that the onset and progression of the disease could be prevented or slowed down by a molecule that mimics the activity of a critical protein (neurotrophin) affecting neurons in the brain. Read more
Learn how FET-project DIACAT will contribute to reduce greenhouse emissions. Read more
The EU-funded UTOFIA project aims to develop video technology to make underwater observation more accurate and less costly than is currently possible. Read more
New vaccines could be developed more quickly and be better targeted to specific age groups, thanks to EU-funded research. A five-year project has been studying novel immunisation technologies, boosting international efforts in vaccine research. Read more
Arthritis is very common - so common, indeed, that aching joints may seem inevitable as we age. They are not, of course, and even if the condition does set in, treatment can often slow it down. MRI combined with nanoparticles developed by an EU-funded project could soon help to spot main forms of the disease much earlier. Read more
The overall objective of the EU-funded READ project is to implement a Virtual Research Environment where archivists, humanities scholars, computer scientists and volunteers are collaborating with the ultimate goal of boosting research, innovation, development and usage of cutting edge technology for the automated recognition, transcription, indexing and enrichment of handwritten archival documents. Read more
Carewell has defined, implemented and validated a new integrated care model aimed at complex chronic and multiple comorbidity patients. The purpose was to improve the quality of life for these patients and their carers through the implementation of new care pathways thus achieving improved co-ordination and communication with the staff involved. Read more
Could future mobile networks be programmed to automatically predict and adapt to huge peaks in traffic demand? The EU-funded ACT5G project is developing the concept as a key component of next generation mobile networks. Read more
The global fresh produce supply chain must take into account climate change in order to ensure food safety, warn EU-funded researchers. Read more
Could Europe's economy reduce its CO2 emissions by 95% by 2050? An EU-funded project has predicted how an integrated smart grid could evolve by 2050, supporting greater use of green power and a secure, reliable energy supply. Read more