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Think carbon data. Are you picturing a placid stream of harmonised figures from the four corners of the earth? Not so. At the moment, information from different sources can be hard to compare, and the coverage is patchy. Efforts to channel the available information into a global system of systems are under way. An EU-funded project has contributed to this drive. Read more
From the individual birdwatcher to the most groundbreaking of satellites – a team of EU-funded researchers is integrating observation data on nature and the environment to give a fuller picture than ever before of biodiversity in Europe. Read more
People born with dwarfism (achondroplasia) can also have problems with the spine, breathing and hearing. An EU-funded project developed a protein that can potentially restore growth in those affected by the genetic mutation that leads to dwarfism. Read more
Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) are all around us: they let us know when the next bus will reach our bus stop, help monitor and manage road traffic and make air travel safer. But how does innovation work at this complex intersection between the transport and the ICT industries? The T-TRANS project found answers and laid the foundations for a European ITS innovation network. Read more
EU-funded researchers are investigating the use of blood plasma from survivors of the Ebola virus as a treatment for the disease. The results will not be known until the second half of 2015, but the potential treatment has passed a first, major test – it has not caused any serious side effects. Read more
New technologies allow emergency services to improve their communications. By using 4G networks and open standards, personnel can share pictures and videos, and talk to other emergency workers, no matter what device they use. Read more
The mix of urbanisation and rising technology use has increased the stream of e-waste in Africa, for which recycling capacity is limited. Waste management infrastructures are few and far between, public awareness of health issues is limited and environmental precautions rare. A team of European and African researchers is working on a solution. Read more
Africa’s ICT infrastructures are fast evolving, creating exciting opportunities for researchers keen to join the global e-science community. Dedicated European-African initiatives are exploring the potential and engaging with stakeholders to raise awareness of the possibilities. An EU-funded project has assisted them in this task. Read more
You’d be forgiven for thinking that the documents accompanying shipping containers are always accurate. But you would be wrong — discrepancies are frequent. EU-funded research suggests that a system of trusted trade lanes could address this problem and the associated business and security concerns. Read more
EU-funded researchers around the world are collecting new information on poverty from 21 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, gaining fresh insights and making recommendations governments can apply to improve lives. Read more