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E.g., 25-04-2017
E.g., 25-04-2017
From 03/06/2016 to 03/06/2016
EU-funded researchers are pioneering innovative new robotic container management technology in order to achieve impressive cost and space efficiencies, and to help European ports remain internationally competitive. Read more
From 01/06/2016 to 01/06/2016
FET-Open project nuClock took a giant leap to more precise time measurement by observing the Thorium-229 nucleus isomer state for the first time. Read more
From 31/05/2016 to 31/05/2016
They carry us around the world, but aircraft also burn significant quantities of fuel and emit pollutants wherever they go. EU-funded E-BREAK has developed more advanced and lighter aircraft engine components that can withstand higher temperature and pressure. Lighter aircraft propulsion systems are also lighter on the wallet due to lower fuel consumption - and their environmental impact is also lower. Read more
From 27/05/2016 to 27/05/2016
A breakthrough in prosthetics technology by EU-funded researchers will provide amputees with clinically and commercially viable artificial limbs offering intuitive, proportional and simultaneous control of hand, wrist and elbow movements in the near future. Read more
From 25/05/2016 to 25/05/2016
As people age, the more likely they are to be reaching for their reading glasses due to failing near sight or presbyopia. But thanks to EU research, contact lenses providing correct vision at all distances could be on the horizon. Read more
From 24/05/2016 to 24/05/2016
The EU-funded project SocialCar is developing an urban networking service allowing travellers to combine public transport with car sharing offers to plan trips. The aim is to offer travellers more options and reduce urban congestion. Read more
From 24/05/2016 to 24/05/2016
A long-lasting and cheap alternative to wood for use in bathroom furniture could be on sale soon, thanks to an EU-funded project that has developed an economic rival to imported materials. Read more
From 24/05/2016 to 24/05/2016
On 1 February 2016, ten European partners launched the Mobile Age project. Aiming to develop inclusive mobile access to public services using open government data, Mobile Age targets a group of citizens that are usually marginalised when it comes to technical innovations but which is rapidly growing in number and expectations: European senior citizens. Read more
From 20/05/2016 to 20/05/2016
Since the 1980s, flying has become increasingly automated, which has huge advantages. But EU-funded researchers wondered how today's pilots might fare when forced to fly a plane the "old-fashioned" way. Their project identified weak manual flying skills and made recommendations to improve them. Read more
From 19/05/2016 to 19/05/2016
What could be the next new super crop? How about microalgae? An EU-funded project is developing technology to grow and use these single-celled plants. Already used in health-food supplements, the crop has potential to green existing industries and develop new ones. Read more