Horizon 2020
The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation


An EU-funded project has made it easier to develop an effective mix of interlocking policies that will help the EU meet its climate change and energy targets. The methodology includes applying real-world analysis and modelling to policy instruments. Read more

This one-day event will showcase how innovative technology is being applied to the humanities and natural sciences.

The conference speakers will demonstrate how researchers, curators and enthusiasts can use digital tools to explore historical and scientific material in new ways.

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'Connected driving' technologies will enable vehicles to connect and share information with one another, as well as with infrastructure and other parts of the transport network. Eventually this will facilitate decision-making, reducing the likelihood of collisions and helping improve traffic flow. But for this to happen, more accurate positioning information is needed - which is where the EU-funded HIGHTS project comes in. Read more
The European Commission is awarding €32 million to bring innovative ideas to market quicker. The 15 benefiting projects, involving 70 partners in 19 countries, will receive around €2 million each under the fifth round of the Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) scheme. Read more
EU-funded researchers are investigating novel non-GMO approaches to stepping up stress-resistance in crops. The research could lead to increased yields for farmers and improve Europe's food security. Read more
From 12/09/2016 to 13/09/2016

Take part in the eseia Professional Training on Green Mobility and System Integration and receive cutting-edge trainings from science and business form various disciplines. This training is organised in Brussels back to back with EU Mobility Week.

This two-day training provides an overview of state-of-the art technologies and future trends supporting Green Mobility.

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The September 2016 edition of the FET Newsletter brings the latest news on Future and Emerging Technologies research, projects, outlines the funding opportunities in 2016 and reports on workshops, conferences and future events. Read more
From 15/09/2016 to 16/09/2016

On 15 and 16 September leading industrial and research experts will debate major priorities for the future of manufacturing in Europe at the Factories of the Future Conference 2016.

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Organised by the Co-FACTOR CSA. Smart industrial components – characterized by capabilities such as connectivity and communication, monitoring-data analysis based self-adaptability, optimization and learning – are at the tools to enable Industrie 4.0, the digitalization of manufacturing processes. Such tools are being developed in extensive R&D&I activities on national and international level. Yet, the state of development and maturity is widely dispersed.

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Following the nomination of the chair, Prof. Mlynek, the Commission has now formally set-up the Commission Expert Group, with 13 very high-level academic members that will provide recommendations on the preparation of the Quantum Technology Flagship. Read more