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An EU-funded project has demonstrated the viability and cost-effectiveness of an integrated in-wheel motor for electric and hybrid vehicles that could revolutionise efficient green urban transport. Read more
How can Future and Emerging Technologies projects get their research results closer to the market? FET2RIN provides answers. Read more
The REDDSTAR project is using stem cell therapy to repair the damage induced by high glucose levels, enhancing the health and quality of life of diabetic patients, and improving available treatments. Read more
While the motto 'local problems, local solutions' holds particular sway for environmental problems, is it possible to take one local solution and transfer it to another region? Yes, according to EU-funded researchers who did exactly that in Latin America. Read more
National nuclear energy authorities, operators and researchers continue to collaborate on developing better prevention and mitigation strategies for severe accidents through a network developed by the EU-funded SARNET2 project. Read more
Pilots around the world can practise recovering control of their aircraft after entering a stall, using a simulation model developed by the EU-funded SUPRA project. By simulating such situations, the project fills a gap in current pilot training, and aims to improve air travel safety. Read more
EU-funded project INTERACT has built a network of Arctic research stations, allowing them to coordinate and share resources more efficiently. The network aims to boost the scope and quantity of research on the Arctic, which serves as a bellwether of global changes to climate, biodiversity and land use. Read more
Planes today have many components that produce heat, and aircraft architects must factor this aspect into their designs. To do so, they have to interact with many contributors. EU-funded researchers have developed a system to facilitate this interaction and accelerate the process. It enables all involved to model and optimise thermal behaviour together. Read more
EU-funded project EuroCoord has advanced scientific understanding of HIV by bringing together patient data collected by over 100 institutions. The data are being mined for insight into better prevention and treatment strategies, including for vulnerable groups such as migrants and refugees. Read more
EU researchers have created and tested a range of new polymer composites based on graphene and speciality graphites. They are expected to find early application in the consumer electronics and automotive industries. Read more