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E.g., 25-06-2017
E.g., 25-06-2017
Doctor looking at an X-ray image
3D X-ray imaging
From 03/05/2017 to 03/05/2017
The goal of the FET-Open project, Voxel is to develop a ground-breaking 3D X-ray technology which will not only reduce the adverse effects of classical x-ray technology but also increase image quality. Read more
From 14/06/2016 to 14/06/2016
This is an important question for the development of personalized therapy. It is also highly relevant for an efficient production of bio-fuels or in agriculture. FET project MRG-GRammar is on a good trail to find answers. Read more
From 18/02/2016 to 18/02/2016
Despite decades of research, a cure for Alzheimer's remains elusive. But work conducted in Europe suggests that the onset and progression of the disease could be prevented or slowed down by a molecule that mimics the activity of a critical protein (neurotrophin) affecting neurons in the brain. Read more
From 13/10/2015 to 13/10/2015
Would you rather squeeze a ball to exercise your weaker hand or play video games? An EU-funded project tested the concept on a group of patients in Israel recovering after a stroke. The idea was unanimously popular and also saw patients working harder – without realising it – than during traditional rehabilitation exercises. Read more
From 08/10/2015 to 08/10/2015
An EU-funded researcher has developed a way to study directly how the body processes and stores fat. New information from his method is helping scientists better understand how to prevent serious health conditions. Read more
From 06/10/2015 to 06/10/2015
When we look at galaxies far, far away, we don’t see them as they are today. We see them as they were a long time ago, because their light takes a while to reach us. These images could easily fade on their epic journey, but “natural telescopes” in their path enable astronomers to study some of these postcards from the distant past. Read more
From 28/09/2015 to 28/09/2015
The widening gap between rich and poor is leading to segregation in more and more European cities. The rich and the poor are living at increasing distance from each other, and this can be disastrous for the social stability and competitive power of cities. These are the conclusions of joint research of Prof. Maarten van Ham, ERC grantee at Delft University of Technology, and Prof. Tiit Tammaru, Dr. Szymon Marcińczak and Prof. Sako Musterd. Read more
From 15/07/2015 to 15/07/2015
Disability is often associated with access legislation rather than a source of creativity for architects. With her ERC grant, Prof. Ann Heylighen wanted to reverse this perspective. Her findings suggest that disability can be a valuable source of innovative solutions in architecture by extending prevailing ways of understanding space and designing buildings. Read more
From 15/07/2015 to 15/07/2015
When Prof. Heino Falcke obtained an ERC grant to study and identify the sources of ultra-high energy cosmic rays, back in 2008, he could not imagine that his research would provide an important clue to better understand lightning and thunderclouds much closer to us. Read more
From 13/07/2015 to 13/07/2015
Prof. Emma Master works on new enzymes and proteins that can be used to produce renewable materials from plant fibres. Her findings could boost the biochemical and bioplastics markets. Read more