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E.g., 23-06-2018
E.g., 23-06-2018
  • ORCHID: ORgan-on-CHip In Development

    ORCHID will facilitate dialogue towards accelerating the development of prototypes of organs-on-chips (validated cell systems that mimic diseased or healthy human tissue), and the implementation of this technology by a broad group of potential users in science, health care and industry.
  • Another 27 excellent FET-Open proposals for research on future disruptive technologies invited to Grant Agreement preparation

    Examples of the highly ambitious targets ahead of the successful FET-Open proposals include a super-resolution microscope in a microfluidic chip smaller than a coin, a novel GPS-free positioning technology, the non-invasive imaging of biochemical processes in the human body, and building a 3D muscle on a chip.
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  • New booklet shows how EU research and innovation funding impacts your daily life

    The European Commission has published a new booklet showing a few examples where EU support for research and innovation is making a real difference in the lives of citizens and society as a whole. It is aimed at all age groups so everyone can understand the good work EU funding can do.
  • FET scientists solve a 100 year-old problem revisiting the notion of resonances for applications

    The concept of ‘resonance' permeates an extremely wide range of systems in physics and engineering – from classical mechanics, electromagnetism and photonics to condensed matter, quantum physics and particle physics. Resonances play, in particular, an extremely important role in the fields of nano and chiral- biosensing, constituting the fingerprints through which we may detect proteins, cells, DNA molecules and other biological substances.
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  • FE2RIN training for FET projects: how to better validate research results and connect with early stage investors and crowdfunding sources

    A series of workshops offer help to FET Projects to prepare to launch innovative solutions to the market with the Lean Startup approach to product development.
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  • CellViewer: super-resolution microscopy to visualise live cells

    A FET-Open project works on new high-throughput microscopy technique, which will allow for visualisation of DNA, mRNA and proteins in living cells.
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  • CURE will cure asthma

    Asthma has become a major health and economic burden in Europe affecting 30 million Europeans and one quarter of European children. Current therapies are limited to temporary improvements of the conditions of asthmatic patients but none tackle the underlying causes of the disease. There is no cure for asthma and so far no developments are recorded for new cures but what if this complex disease requires out-of-the box thinking?
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  • Magnetic manipulation for treatment of neurodegenerative disorders

    A fundamentally new concept for remote control of cellular functions by means of magnetic manipulation for treatment of neurodegenerative disorders will be introduced by the FET-Open project MAGNEURON.
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  • FET-Open project ChipScope and the new tiny microscopes

    ChipScope aims to develop a completely new and extremely small optical microscope capable of observing the interior of living cells in real time. A consortium of 7 partners from 5 countries, under the leadership of the University of Barcelona, will tackle this issue with very ambitious objectives during a four-year research program.
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  • New Technological Advances for the Third Generation of Solar Cells

    Achieving energy efficient, cost effective and versatile solar cells has always been a challenge for the scientific community. The emerging perovskite sensitized solar cells (PSCs) are very attractive candidates to fulfil these requirements. Their potential for fast rise in performance attracted intense attention from scientific community and in particular from GOTSolar consortium.
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