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Project stories about Societal Challenges

By developing techniques to produce everyday foods that are both affordable and nutritious, EU-funded researchers are showing the path to a future in which everyone – including those at risk of poverty – can enjoy a healthy diet without worrying about cost. The project’s techniques are being applied by small food processors – a boost to their competitiveness. Read more
Harnessing nuclear fusion could generate unlimited, sustainable energy. An EU-funded project has helped advance atomic modelling in preparation for a future fusion reactor. Read more
Human papillomavirus has long been associated with the vast majority of cervical and anogenital cancers diagnosed worldwide, but its role in head-and-neck cancers has been less widely researched. In a landmark case study, EU-funded researchers are characterising the connection in order to advance the development of new screening and diagnostic techniques. Read more
Without catalysts, humans wouldn’t have got far. They trigger many of the processes on which we rely, from age-old mechanisms deep down in our cells to the production of contemporary consumer goods. They could also smooth our path towards a sustainable future. EU-funded researcher Xile Hu has delivered promising advances. Read more
Research by FOODRISC has led to more awareness across Europe of how to more effectively inform people about risks and benefits associated with food, especially through social media channels, says the project’s principal investigator, Patrick Wall of University College Dublin, Ireland. Read more
With her ERC grant, the 5000th awarded to a leading scientist in Europe, Dr Iva Tolić wants to push forward the frontiers of knowledge on the mechanical principles of cell division. To reach her goal, after spending several years in the USA, Denmark, Italy and Germany, she has moved back to Croatia where she is setting her new research team. The results of her ERC-funded project could lead to new insight in cell and molecular biology, potentially opening novel ways to treat cancer. Read more
Dramatic changes are underway in global politics. An EU-funded project aims to help Europe’s policymakers respond in a way that ensures European values and objectives continue to influence the evolution of global norms and policies. Read more
While weather forecasts – including those for wind – have improved significantly, change is always imminent. When wind power rises or falls unexpectedly, it can have a knock-on effect on infrastructure and power supply. An EU-funded research project has improved the accuracy of short-term forecasts, helping Europe rely more on wind power as it moves towards a more secure and cleaner energy future. Read more
A major contribution to eradicating Ebola has been made by the EU-funded EVIDENT project. It has confirmed that the Ebola virus has mutated at a lower rate than feared during the recent outbreak in West Africa. This means that the new diagnostic methods, treatments and vaccines under development should still be effective in the fight to eradicate the disease. Read more
Great bread doesn’t happen by chance. Even with the best ingredients, it takes practice and patience — notably because the dough needs time and specific conditions to rise to yeasty perfection. EU-funded researchers are putting the final touches to a new system that will make the proofing chambers used in bakeries even better. Read more