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Featured Projects about Agriculture & Forestry

The global fresh produce supply chain must take into account climate change in order to ensure food safety, warn EU-funded researchers. Read more
When oil-seed plants and fish are processed, how can we use the parts not traditionally used in food? How about food ingredients, skincare and pesticides? EU-funded researchers have demonstrated sustainable ways to get the most out of produce. Companies are already building factories and machines to put the results to good use. Read more
The times when all farmers needed was a fertile plot of land are long gone. Today, they need input from many sources to do their job. Agricultural knowledge and information systems (AKIS) provide farmers with knowledge on agricultural innovations; an EU-funded project took stock to better understand these systems. Read more
Farmers and forest managers need to monitor vital land management activities and changes in vegetation. They are just two potential end-users of a comprehensive new satellite-based earth monitoring system providing free, full and open mapping data to boost management and protection of the environment. Read more
A comprehensive study of farming practices is underway as part of an EU-funded project to help tackle the growing problem of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in humans. Read more
Plant breeders could in the future produce new versions of common crops to cope with climate change. An EU-funded project is using genetics to identify which plants in staple cereal species could thrive in drought and high temperatures, helping future-proof our food. Read more
Producing more food to feed a growing global population will require more intensive and extensive farming over the coming decades. Ensuring this can be achieved in a sustainable way is the goal of EU-funded researchers developing methods and tools to monitor and map agricultural areas and crop production. Read more
An EU-funded project has developed innovative technologies and techniques for recycling water, nutrients and by-products along the food supply chain – from horticulture to processing and on to shop shelves. These advances add up to big savings for producers and manufacturers, increase competitiveness, and benefit the environment. Read more
When consumers buy food, their choices impact economies, the environment and the well-being of both humans and animals. An EU-funded project is developing a flexible method to assess these impacts to help policymakers achieve a more sustainable food supply. Read more
As the popularity of ready-to-eat salads increases, producers are seeking to keep us hungry for more by offering greater choice. But testing each new recipe for safety, quality and shelf life costs time and money for producers – predominantly small companies. EU-funded researchers have developed software that predicts the impact of each production stage on a salad, aiming to reduce costs, and help small food makers become more competitive in this market. Read more