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Featured Projects about Transport

Since the 1980s, flying has become increasingly automated, which has huge advantages. But EU-funded researchers wondered how today's pilots might fare when forced to fly a plane the "old-fashioned" way. Their project identified weak manual flying skills and made recommendations to improve them. Read more
EU-funded project ECOCHAMPS aims to make hybrid vehicles more attractive to buyers by developing ways to improve their performance and lower prices - increasing Europe's competitiveness in the market. Read more
The FAROS project proposes updated ship designs that address such issues as crew fatigue, sea sickness and stress – all of which can lead to catastrophic accidents, injuries and even death. Read more
Texting while you drive? Don’t. Really. Distraction is a leading cause of accidents, but of course it isn’t the only one. Read more
EU-funded researchers have trialled new sensory technologies designed to detect hazardous icy flying conditions at high altitude. The innovations, which can be fitted onto commercial aircraft, have been developed in anticipation of regulatory changes to further tighten aircraft safety. Read more
Up there where the big planes fly, it gets very cold indeed: outside temperatures of minus 50°C are nothing special. Droplets of water suspended in the air can freeze to aircraft instantly, accumulating into layers of ice. A number of systems are used to tackle this gelid build-up, which constitutes a safety hazard. EU-funded researchers are developing new solutions. Read more
An EU-funded project is testing intelligent, energy-efficient and passenger-friendly bus service innovations designed to bring benefits to both commuters and public authorities across 12 cities in Europe. The most effective solutions are expected to create new market opportunities for cutting-edge technology in public transport. Read more
An aircraft of the future that combines all the advantages of a helicopter with those of a fixed wing airplane will represent a massive step-change in the way we take to the skies. The team behind the necessary rotor technology plans to have it ready for the market before 2040. Read more
Train travel is one of the safest modes of transport. For it to remain so, regular inspection and maintenance of train axles is vital to ensuring the structural integrity of wheelsets. The EU-funded AXLEINSPECT project has developed new ultrasonic inspection technology that makes check-ups both easier and more reliable than conventional methods. Read more
New technologies claiming to protect pedestrians and cyclists in the event of a collision are being developed all the time. They could reduce pedestrian fatalities by 15-20%. But how do we know which systems are effective? How can we compare them? An EU-funded project drew up harmonised test and assessment procedures for pedestrian safety systems. Read more