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Project stories about Society

The widening gap between rich and poor is leading to segregation in more and more European cities. The rich and the poor are living at increasing distance from each other, and this can be disastrous for the social stability and competitive power of cities. These are the conclusions of joint research of Prof. Maarten van Ham, ERC grantee at Delft University of Technology, and Prof. Tiit Tammaru, Dr. Szymon Marcińczak and Prof. Sako Musterd. Read more
Sub-Saharan Africa is modernising fast, changing the dynamic between town and countryside. What is the best way to manage the impacts on rural and urban communities? An EU-funded project is collecting data that helps policymakers make wise choices for inclusive development. Read more
An EU-funded project has shown that the widespread practice of informal healthcare payments in Central and Eastern Europe is inefficient, and means that many patients are unable to pay for the care they need. The positive news is that the project findings are beginning to influence policy in the region. Read more
EU-funded researchers around the world are collecting new information on poverty from 21 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, gaining fresh insights and making recommendations governments can apply to improve lives. Read more
Sidelined for decades because of their traditional way of life, South Africa’s San, also known as Bushmen, are now attracting admiration and respect for their traditional knowledge on the medicinal properties of plants. An EU-funded project is helping the San to share this knowledge and claim their rightful benefits. Read more
Increased cross-border experiences are driving Europeanisation, particularly among those with a lower level of education, say EU-funded researchers. From having a friend in another European country to online shopping, people around the continent are developing a European mindset. This, in turn, means greater European integration. Read more
Dramatic changes are underway in global politics. An EU-funded project aims to help Europe’s policymakers respond in a way that ensures European values and objectives continue to influence the evolution of global norms and policies. Read more
How have reforms to public administration across Europe affected the delivery of services? An EU-funded project led to one of the largest surveys ever of top civil servants in 20 European countries on public sector reforms. The survey indicates that changes have been patchy. The project’s recommendations to policymakers aim to make future reforms more effective and inclusive. Read more
An EU-funded project is developing pan-European support mechanisms to help social entrepreneurs spread their innovations across Europe. With a new network of incubators and harmonised approaches to business support, the EU hopes to show the full potential of social innovation across EU countries. Read more
The battle against corruption has been a challenge ever since the first bribe was exchanged for private gain. There have been some successes and many failures. In response, EU-funded researchers are taking a fresh look at one of the murkiest sides of human behaviour. Their studies have already yielded results – steps towards practical solutions to an age-old problem. Read more