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Project stories about Security

What would you do if a toxic gas cloud were released during an industrial accident in your area? How would you find out about the risks and how to respond, if necessary? EU-funded researchers have developed the foundations of a new multi-channel public warning system for natural and man-made disasters that could help save lives. Read more
An earthquake, a terrorist attack, a fire in a tunnel – it takes a special kind of person to rescue survivors from large-scale emergencies. But first response teams don’t rely just on their outstanding courage and skill to operate effectively. They also need information and coordination, and a way to communicate. EU-funded research is improving the ICT systems at their disposal. Read more
For the emergency services, communicating quickly can save lives, particularly in complex incidents involving more than one service. Police, fire fighters and other first responders from around Europe could soon be communicating across seas and borders much more effectively, thanks to an innovative and secure web-based platform developed by EU-funded researchers. Read more
Based on advanced optic technology, device can detect quantities of less than 1 mg of explosives at a 20-metre distance. Read more
In recent years we’ve seen face, voice and fingerprint identification software move from Sci-Fi films into real life affordable devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Read more