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Many African countries lack the skills, resources and funds to efficiently control and manage waste – a threat to the environment and people’s health. An EU-funded project involving European and African partners has provided practical solutions that policymakers and communities can use to resolve a common problem Read more
An EU-funded consortium has developed innovative retrofit strategies for buildings to significantly improve energy efficiency, reduce construction time and costs, increase worksite safety and generate added value from existing residential areas. Read more
Nanotechnology has become part of daily life – be it in stain-repellent fabrics, sunscreens or hundreds of other applications. But what do people actually know about nanotech? And how do they feel about it? The EU-funded project NanOpinion found people to be positive in principle and used its findings to formulate policy recommendations. Read more
By developing techniques to produce everyday foods that are both affordable and nutritious, EU-funded researchers are showing the path to a future in which everyone – including those at risk of poverty – can enjoy a healthy diet without worrying about cost. The project’s techniques are being applied by small food processors – a boost to their competitiveness. Read more
The Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) is providing access to streams of data from around the world, but this is just one of its objectives. Enabling users to benefit from these data and derived information is another. An EU-funded project has advanced the technology, using the example of data on water, oceans and the weather (WOW). Read more
Climate change is affecting plant life worldwide, with potentially disastrous effects for both wild and agricultural species. EU-funded researchers are studying the impact of higher temperatures and drought on seed quality in order to develop techniques for conserving wild plants, and for ensuring sustainable crop yields. Read more
AtlantikSolar broke the World record for the longest autonomous flight by a small Unmanned Aerial Vehichle (UAV) ever in July. The sturdy solar powered light aircraft was airborne for 81 hours non-stop facing gusts of wind of 60 km/hour (nearly 40 mph). Read more
Harnessing nuclear fusion could generate unlimited, sustainable energy. An EU-funded project has helped advance atomic modelling in preparation for a future fusion reactor. Read more
Increased cross-border experiences are driving Europeanisation, particularly among those with a lower level of education, say EU-funded researchers. From having a friend in another European country to online shopping, people around the continent are developing a European mindset. This, in turn, means greater European integration. Read more
Human papillomavirus has long been associated with the vast majority of cervical and anogenital cancers diagnosed worldwide, but its role in head-and-neck cancers has been less widely researched. In a landmark case study, EU-funded researchers are characterising the connection in order to advance the development of new screening and diagnostic techniques. Read more