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High Performance Computing (HPC) is a strategic tool for science, industry, and society. Learn more about HPC and its concrete applications in this blog, co-signed by Roberto Viola, Director-General (DG Communications Networks, Content and Technologies) and Robert-Jan Smits, Director-General (DG Research and Innovation). Read more
The new Digital4Science platform is open to everyone interested in research and innovation to discuss and share opinion on science in the digital age. We want to hear your voice on EU policies and programmes designed to support science in the digital age and to boost scientific discoveries. Read more
How can amateurs contribute to research projects? In this issue, we put citizen science in the spotlight Read more
Horizon 2020's design and rules have been simplified to make them more user-friendly. Read more
On 25 September, the Commission launched an online survey to gather opinions from stakeholders on the impact of the simplification measures introduced in Horizon 2020, and to ask for new ideas on future simplification. Read more
Eight new Centres of Excellence (CoEs) for computing applications have been selected following the recent call under e-Infrastructures. They will help strengthen Europe's existing leadership in HPC (high-performance computing) applications and cover important areas like renewable energy, materials modelling and design, molecular and atomic modelling, climate change, Global System science, and bio-molecular research, and tools to improve HPC applications performance. Read more
Six projects have successfully been launched following the Call on e-Infrastructures for virtual research environments. Two more have their grant agreement under preparation. The new projects will identify and build on requirements from real use cases, e.g. integrating heterogeneous data from multiple sources and value-added services for computing, modelling, simulation, and data exploration, mining and visualisation, taking due account of privacy aspects. Read more
Following the call for proposals "Towards exascale high performance computing" 21 projects have been selected and are starting in autumn 2015. The aim of the call was to attract projects that can achieve world-class extreme scale computing capabilities in platforms, technologies and applications. Read more
From 11/09/2015 to 11/10/2015
New priorities have recently been defined by the European Commission on Open Innovation, Open Science and Open to the World policies. The purpose of the consultation on the Charter for Access to Research Infrastructures is to verify whether the current draft version of the Charter for Access to Research Infrastructures needs to be updated in order to better reflect these new priorities. Read more
59 SMEs from 16 countries have been selected in the latest round of Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 2. For each project, the participants will receive up to €2.5 million to finance innovation activities and the development of their business plans. Read more