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The consortium of Demo ShopInstantShoe project presented the results in Villena, Spain, at Calzamedi’s facilities. A new adjustable female shoe based on a new memory shape composite leather/nithynol material, is now available! The new material allows fitting the shoe to the foot shape, after getting anthropometric measurements through the Shopintantshoe portable scanner and modifying it through the “Shoptool”, a machine that completes the process directly into the shop. Read more
Warsaw, Poland
"Factories of the Future" is a public-private partnership between the European Commission and the research and innovation community. It aims at delivering the technologies needed for the new sustainable and competitive manufacturing in Europe. Read more
Nantes, France
Get in touch with your future EU project partners! The French and UK National Contact Points for NMP and Enterprise Europe Network Pays de la Loire are organising a European Brokerage Event with the objectives to draw lessons from the first Horizon 2020 calls in 2014-2015 and anticipate the second round of calls for 2016-2017. Read more
Does Saturn’s moon Mimas have an underground ocean? EU-funded researchers think this is a distinct possibility. The clues are in the way the moon wobbles, which scientists now understand better. This breakthrough and others made by the ESPaCE project are providing new insights into the origins of our solar system. Read more
A lack of clear data on how ecosystems deal with carbon dioxide has hindered understanding of how they are affected by land management and climate change. For a clear picture, scientists need accurate information on which ecosystems release or retain carbon and greenhouse gases (GHGs) and how much. Through detailed measurements and data analyses, EU researchers have the first answers to these pressing questions. Read more
When Prof. Heino Falcke obtained an ERC grant to study and identify the sources of ultra-high energy cosmic rays, back in 2008, he could not imagine that his research would provide an important clue to better understand lightning and thunderclouds much closer to us. His team indeed realized that cosmic rays, originating in outer space and striking the Earth from all directions, can provide a near instantaneous 'picture' of the electric fields in clouds. Read more
EXPO Milan 2015 - EU Pavilion
The European Commission is organising a workshop to launch the discussion on how we see the future of European agricultural research and innovation until 2020 and, beyond, for the following decade. The event will take place in the context of EXPO Milan 2015 "Feeding the planet - energy for life". Read more
Climate change may influence the prevalence of various deadly diseases. But with the future climate still clouded in uncertainty, we can neither predict the precise impact nor prepare for it. Having the right tools in place to make decisions is therefore crucial. This is the message that EU-funded HEALTHY FUTURES project is taking to the World Health Organisation – along with decision support tools that it has developed. Read more
Africa’s dry climate and strong rural dependence on farming make drought a particular threat across the continent. Early warning and targeted action can limit the harm done – EU-funded research is connecting policy-makers to information that helps them identify risks and prevent problems. Read more
EU-funded research has significantly boosted understanding of the links between climate, environment and disease in Sub-Saharan Africa. The research is feeding into global efforts to create an early warning system for major outbreaks of killer diseases such as malaria – and save lives. Read more