Public Entities reducing lock-in: the way forward

Brussels, Belgium
Monday, 7 July, 2014
This workshop will focus on reducing the dependency of public entities on a specific vendor of ICT products or services (lock-in). Those involved in ICT procurement are invited to participate.

The project falls within the standards-based ICT procurement EC policy area, as a way to contribute to the implementation of Action 23 of the Digital Agenda and the Communication COM (2013) 455 “Against lock-in: building open ICT systems by making better use of standards in public procurement”, and the dissemination of the  “Guide for the procurement of standards-based ICT”

In this context the above mentioned project foresees different dissemination activities over a period of two years, among which different workshops and campaigns will be launched, together with a platform dedicated to stakeholders (Joinup

The Workshop (July 7th at 10.00 am) is the project's first milestone and its main objectives are:

  •  Provide some suggestions on how to reduce lock-in when procuring ICT
  • Share some good practice examples about ICT procurement around Europe

For these reasons we are inviting all those procurement officials, policy makers, strategists and architects within public organizations who care about reducing their ICT procurement costs through the employment of open procurement standards.

Participation is free and subject to availability. Register here