PEACEMED takes new approach to understanding an old conflict

Friday, 3 June, 2016
By comparing urban dynamics in Lebanon, Israel and Palestine, this ambitious European-funded research project mapped inter-ethnic relations in contested cities throughout the Eastern Mediterranean. Its findings are intended to help policymakers understand the situation and could empower them to implement change.

Perhaps nowhere has felt the impact of intimate proximity and visceral violence more than the ethnically mixed towns of Palestine and Israel. To better understand this historical conflict, with the objective of providing new insights into conflict-resolution, the EU-funded PEACEMED project examined the conflictual relationship arising from urban cohabitation between Jews and Palestinians within a relational framework and via ethnographic and historical research.

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Mediterranean Cities in Conflict: Urban Wars, Inter-Ethnic Coalitions and the Prospects for Peaceful Coexistence in Lebanon and Israel/Palestine, 1918 to the present
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