New bomb-proof bag for safer air travel

Monday, 8 February, 2016
Unfortunately the threat of a terrorist attack on an aeroplane is today a real threat to airline security. The EU-funded FLY-BAG2 project has developed a technology that enables aeroplanes to survive a Lockerbie-type explosion scenario. The bomb-resistant bags are ready to be manufactured and installed.

FLY-BAG blast mitigation device installed onboard a MD87 cargo after being tested,© D'Appolonia

Since the Russian plane crash in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula in 2015, the sense of urgency to improve aviation safety and anti-terrorist measures has intensified. As FLY-BAG2 is the first lightweight and flexible solution able to contain the devastation caused by bombs hidden in luggage, it attracted much interest at the February 2016 European Civil Aviation Conference.

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Advanced technologies for bomb-proof cargo containers and blast containment units for the retrofitting of passenger airplanes
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