International Conference EuroMed 2014

Limassol, Cyprus
From Monday, 3 November, 2014 to Saturday, 8 November, 2014
International Conference EuroMed 2014 dedicated on Cultural Heritage Documentation, Preservation and Protection

The 5th EuroMed 2014 brings together researchers, policy makers, professionals and practitioners to explore some of the more pressing issues concerning cultural heritage today.

In particular, the main goal of the conference is to focus on interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary research on tangible and intangible Cultural Heritage (CH), the use of cutting edge technologies for the protection, restoration, preservation, massive digitalization, documentation and presentation of the CH content. At the same time, the event is intended to cover topics of research ready for exploitation, demonstrating the acceptability of new sustainable approaches and new technologies by the user community, SME’s, owners, managers and conservators of cultural patrimony.

You are kindly invited to submit a paper to the EuroMed 2014 conference which will provide an opportunity to exchange research results, opinions, experiences and proposals on the best practice and hi-tech tools from Information and Communications Technology to document, preserve, manage and communicate CH. This event will be supported by a scientific committee which consists of almost 100 renowned professionals in the area of CH for a blind peer review of all submitted papers.

MSCA projects are strongly encouraged to participate.